What’s Next

What’s Next

What’s next?

It’s a question that I’ve gotten a lot over the past few weeks from colleagues and friends.

Mission Health completed a sale of its assets earlier this year; as a member of Mission’s senior management team, I was delighted that the arrangement allows the community to keep its hospital services intact for years to come, and also benefit from one of the largest trusts ever created to address the societal challenges that adversely impact well-being.

Of course, as is often the case in such acquisitions, my role was no longer needed in the new organization.

I’ve had one heck of a run over the past 25 plus years, and the last decade was incredibly interesting and exciting.  I started three companies, Ascentia Health Care Solutions – sold to Healthways several years back.  I started two more companies for Mission Health: Mission Health Partners, a high performing ACO with a bright future ahead; and Healthy State, a health benefits company that was an entirely new model of health care financing and delivery.

So, what’s next?

I decided that I have one more start-up left in me, and so soon I’ll be operating under Sevenya, LLC to provide strategic and operational solutions to providers looking to prepare for value-based care:

  • Clinically Integrated Network Strategy
  • Alliances and partnership for population health
  • Governance models for various alliances
  • Incentive alignment and gain-share models
  • Quality improvement models
  • Operating models
  • Managed care contracting
  • Care delivery
  • Developing programs to address social determinants of care
  • Employer solutions

When you’ve been in the business as long as I have, you build a network of bright and capable people.  In the weeks and months to come, the team is going to grow and so too will our capabilities.

Likewise, I have many friends and colleagues with capabilities and talents who have likewise done their own thing. Since so much of business comes down to who you know, and more importantly who you can trust, having such a network is a huge value add to clients and strategic partners.

To all of you who have known me, trusted me, and befriended me – I am truly grateful.  I’ll keep you informed on our progress with periodic posts and the occasional article.

So here we go, the launch of a new venture.  Wish me luck and follow Sevenya here!

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