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Sevenya provides solutions to integrate the financing and delivery of high-quality healthcare.

We develop clinically integrated network strategies for hospitals and physicians
We create financial risk management options for health care services
We improve care through physician-directed population health models of care

From Fee for Service to Value-Based

Commercial and government payers have been remarkably clear that the era of fee for service is coming to an end. Bundled payments, capitation, and outcomes-based compensation will be continuing to come at providers in an accelerated pace. So whether we like it or not – we have to get good at managing care. More specifically, we need to understand that volume – that translates to revenue necessary today to keep the lights on, make payroll and deliver bond payments – will be pure expense in the next few years.

If your organization is trying to navigate this transition you can go it alone, but you could also get help from people who have been in this space since the very beginning.